1-to-1 Lessons are a great way to learn.

During a 1-2-1 lesson we can focus specifically on the skills, styles and techniques that you want and need to know to further your personal musical development.

We will learn about and develop knowledge of music by studying Rhythm, Harmony, Melody and techniques.

Exploring songs from many genres and introducing you to styles and artists you may not have discovered on your own.

It is such a great pleasure to introduce people to wonderful music.

I have been very privileged to have studied guitar in many styles both before, during and after Music School.

I enjoy teaching Modern and Classic guitar styles having studied both contemporary and classical guitar to a high level.

I have a deep love of Flamenco guitar which I love to share with my students where appropriate.

I started my own journey on guitar learning a lot of Heavy Rock music, Metallica and in particular I was inspired a great deal by Steve Vai and Marty Friedman.

I had a very open minded first guitar teacher, so alongside heavy rock, we also learnt everything from Simon and Garfunkel to Cavatina.

as a teenager I became inspired hugely by George Benson, Robben Ford and other Modern Jazz guitarists.

This led me to discover the early Jazz greats such as Gypsy Jazz Guitar legend Django Reinhardt.

Having spent some time working as a professional guitarist on cruise ships, I gained a wealth of experience playing everything from west end shows to top 40 songs from all across the many decades of popular music.

I also like to encourage and teach my students how to compose and arrange.

This is a skill I have used myself both in a popular music contest, writing for several different projects and also working as an arranger for musical theatre productions, currently I am the resident arranger for Harpenden Gangshow, which is a variety show with a ten piece orchestra. Tickets for this show usually go on Sale around December time, I believe.