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Here's a cross section of bits n pieces I quite like. at the bottom are some links to some other stuff I've done.

Crying on the Inside - Rock guitar instrumental track by me

Crying on the Inside.mp3

 A composition of my own featuring Dom Lawman on Keys, Drums Neil Conti

Lonely Child.mp3

Co-written by Myself, Hiten Bharadia-Phrased differently, and BNA productions, vocals by Sparks , me playing nearly every guitar I have :-) 12 string acoustic, 6 string acoustic and electric

Light Me progress 2.mp3

Another BNA productions track featuring yours truly on Guitar

Rectifying wrongs (Acoustic).mp3

From Melody Laffy Studio session 2007, Music/Guitars by Me, Bass Mitch Mitchner, Drums Will Taylor

Our Own Laws.mp3

This is probably one of my favourite compositions of mines. (composed on Sibelius, using also XV5080 and nice lexicon reverb)

The River.mp3

Some electronic music I made for a Corporate video developed by Blue Light Productions.

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