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Carl Gurney - Guitar, Music & Production tuition

Rock School - Music Technology Grades taught here!

Having been a producer and chief audio tech at one of Hertfordshire's premier studios I am able to teach you about all aspects of recording production and technology

I have my own 24 track Pro Tools system at my disposal 24 hours a day - Please contact me for more information

Rock School grades available here

I provide guitar tuition in all styles in St.Albans.

I have a great wealth of experience from Sessions to shows, studio work to composition. I was also Chief Recording technician and head of music performance and technology at Sanctuary Art of Sound Studios in Watford. I also arrange music for theatre performances.

For new students I always do a four week trial so you can make sure you are happy with the way I teach.

Please read the testimonials as people who have learnt with me know best how I teach.

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I focus on positivity and the enjoyment of making music. Grades can be useful, however, they are not essential and I personally prefer to work without them for guitar. I have my own very effective syllabus which I have developed since 1996.

People who enjoy making music tend to do it for a long time, I see no real benefit in pushing every student to pass a grade 8 with Honours if they just end up hating me and the guitar in the process.

Students should want to practice, they shouldn't need to be forced to, although gentle persuasion or reminders may be useful in the beginning.